Who? What? Why?


My name is Bart Vermeiren, born 6 october 1989 and living in Opwijk (Belgium).
I work as an IT’er at KBC since september 2011. Currently we are working on a datawarehouse for Risk Management so that our business has all the data they need in a format they can report on. We are using SAS, Oracle an Perl as infrastructure and agile development to deliver value to our users.
In my free time I play soccer with a local team, SV Kobbegem. I have a passion for breeding birds, especially Zebrafinches. You can find more information about in on my website ‘Bart Vermeiren: Zebravinken‘. When I am not playing soccer or watching the birds, I love to read about productivity, life hacking, IT, BI or other stuff I discover from day to day. I try to listen to podcasts as much as possible when I’m traveling or while feeding the birds.


I will be writing about my day-to-day experiences, articles or books I read and my own ideas on specific topics.


My interest for reading stuff I can find on the internet or in books led to the start of this blog. But that is not reason why I am blogging. The reason I blog is simply to share my ideas with all of you. The more I read, the more I get convinced that writing is a great way to express yourself and to get rid of slumbering thoughts. What I write doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as I think it is, it is fine to me. It’s not about the writing itself, it is about sharing what I think.

It's not about the writing itself, it is about sharing what I think.

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