Do you dare to make the decision?

Go for it!

When was the last time you came out of a discussion with the feeling everything is clear and everyone knows what to do? Did everyone noted down the decisions?

What I see is that many people are afraid to make the decision. When you take a decision, you are responsible for that decision. If something goes wrong, you get the blame for taking that wrong decision. But what is the problem with making a wrong decision? What can happen? I guess the world will not go down and nobody will die? What did you lose with making that bad decision? We should focus on the fact that someone decided to take action and resolve the problem. If that goes wrong, at least he or she tried. Making mistakes is human and teaches us what is good and what is wrong. If you do not make the decision, you don’t know if it will work, you lose time and still nothing is solved.
When you make a decision, make it visible. Take care that the decision is clear for everyone. Note it down on a sheet of paper so that others can see this and know you will follow up on the decision. Avoid decisions like this: “We will sell the machine soon, everyone should stop using it but in the meanwhile keep maintaining it with the lowest cost you can.” This is not a decision. It is just a marketing trick to let people think someone listened to them and supports their idea. But in fact the real decision is postponed. The real decision would be: “We sell the machine by date x so person A places an add and is empowered to determine the price for it”.
How many people do you need to make the correct decision? Simple. Only one. The best way to initiate good and quick decision making is to let people do it themselves. They will ask help to the people they need if you let them be responsible for their own decision. If you need to set up a meeting to make a decision, wait for other people to convince their bosses and make a detailed analysis of the consequences, you are lost. Everything has consequences so they are not relevant. If I take this action, x will happen and y will be buried deep in the ground. If I don’t take this action, nothing will happen. Simple as that.
Will you take the decision next time? I will.$

What can you do about it?

Formulate a clear statement. A statement that can be answered with yes or no is ideal.
Do not hesitate to make the decision. Just go for it.
Appreciate people who take decisions and support them when it goes wrong. Learn from them and make your own decisions.