Please answer…

…my question. Have you ever neglected to answer someone’s  question? Have you ever asked a question and never received the answer?

I hate it when I don’t get an answer. Is it that difficult to phrase a response? Before you say that you can’t know everything, I am aware of that. I don’t mean you have to give a good answer, but a correct one.

When I ask you if you can help me, you can at least say no when you don’t have the time. I don’t mind. At least I know I have to look for someone else. When I ask you to explain me something and you don’t know what I’m talking about, just say so. I prefer someone who answers that he doesn’t know instead of just ignoring my question.

When you talk face-to-face with other people, they will mostly answer. But the moment you ask your question to two or more people, you are in trouble. Everyone thinks someone else will answer and in the end no one does. Why don’t we have more respect for the one who raises the question? Are we afraid our answer will be wrong? Or maybe it just doesn’t interest us? Nowadays e-mail made this even worse. How many e-mails are send everyday but never get answered? I know, you should not send that question to everyone near you. But just a simple ”Can’t help you.” should do the trick then.

I ask you to please respond to the question, you’ll see that a whole new world will open for you.

Please answer.


Do you feel the energy?

What a nice weekend it was. Singing birds, blue sky and ofcourse sun all over the place.


I like the sun. It gives me energy and makes me happy. After the dark winter it’s always fun when spring arrives. It’s like the world awakes. I think that the sun is the most powerfull thing in our universe. Not only does it affect us physically, it also influences us mentally. Look outside and you know what I mean. People are laughing and enjoying the sun. Everyone looks happy and wants to do something. You see people running, cycling, working in the garden or just relaxing with a nice drink and some friends. We have waited for this since the last real sunshine before winter came in.

It’s like you were running on bad fuel the last months and now you get a refill with the best fuel there is. So I’m happy and if I’ve got the choice, every day that comes can be like this weekend. I don’t need the tropical temperatures. A soft ’Spring-sun’ will do. Enjoy!