My Past Years In Instagram Photos

My Past Years In Instagram Photos

I take a lot of pictures. Just pictures, nothing special. At least, that’s what I thought. I only shared some pictures via Instagram or Twitter. I don’t know whether you look at them or not, but at least I have the sense I shared them with the whole world. Because that is where pictures are made for. To be shared. All those copyrights, not for me. I understand that some people invest a lot in taking fantastic pictures and that they need to live from it. But if no one can see them, what’s the point then?

But ok, that’s another story. What I wanted to say is that pictures are not just pictures. Pictures show your life, your feelings, your talents and so much more. It doesn’t matter you are using a throw-away camera, an iPhone or an expensive DSLR. The expression and the story of a picture are the most important.

With the release of the new from Apple, I was scanning my pictures. One by one. More than ten thousand pictures spread over ten years. Amazing! And then I had an idea. Some of those pictures where published to Instagram. I added a nice layer and a comment and shared them with all of you. What if I created a book with all those pictures in it? Wouldn’t that be fun?

Well, the result can be found here. Take a look at it. It is completely free and gives you a look at my past years in photos. I am proud. Proud of the photos I took, proud of what I have done and proud of my life.


My Past Years In Instagram Photos – Get The Book!

My Past Year In Instagram Photos – Get The Book! (small version)


Can you help me to reorganize my photos?

Until last weekend, I was perfectly satisfied with my photo management workflow. But something made me doubt…

Starting with my first MacBook, I started using iPhoto to manage my photos. iPhoto is a very handy tool, especially for people that do not need a lot of bells and whistles. With a minimum amount of time, you can get your photo’s organized the way you want without knowing a lot of computers.

But all of the above also has a side affect. I’m starting to get a lot of events and photos and it’s getting difficult for me to keep a clear view on al my pictures. When moving pictures from one event to another I get frustrated because I have to scroll up and down in my event list to find the event I am looking for. It seems impossible to get a decent list with all my events in iPhoto. This causes me to have duplicate events and looking for photos without finding them.

I don’t want to say iPhoto is bad because I am convinced that without iPhoto I won’t even notice these problems. Without iPhoto, my pictures would be spread all over the place.

So now I’m looking for something else but before moving all my pictures, I want to know what tool will help me to get my pictures organized again. I need to be able to organize them by date and event. Sorting, renaming and quick edit would be nice too.

I want to ask you to let me know in the comments what tool you use and why. If you can add the strong and weak points, that would be nice.