Blogging is hot. Internet is available to a lot of people and they tend to use it. Not only for social media or playing online games. For many people out there, the internet is used to share their story with the rest of the world. Blogging.

Blogging is popular, many people write blogposts and even more read them. It’s not only because of the internet, that would be to easy. The internet makes it more easy to reach a lot of people with just one click. But the main reason that blogs are rising, is that people love to describe their thoughts and ideas and share them with the world.

Writing is a good way to express yourself. Ofcourse it’s not like talking but when you write with passion, you will notice that people will understand you. Maybe even better than when you talk to someone. Writing has the advantage that you don’t have to repeat yourself everytime. You can write down your idea and share it as many times as you want.

For some people it’s easier to share their ideas from behind their computer. Presenting it on a podium during a TEDx Conference is not for everyone :).

I like to blog. I don’t really know if many people are reading my posts but the comments I get are always positive. You don’t have to share my ideas. You can read them and have your own opinion. That’s the nice thing about blogging. It’s free and everyone can do with it what they want. No obligations and no limits. I wish everything would be like that. Our life would be much simpler.


Everyone marks his territory.

Cats and dogs mark their territory. Animals all over the world fight for their existence and land. Are we people different? I don’t think so. At work, with friends or even at home, we want to show others what we can and have.

At work, we want to be the boss and have influence on our coworkers. Everyone has his own ideas and opinion and will prove them to the rest. Did you notice that a new boss always has new rules? In fact he or she is just marking their territory. It is nature of human being, just as it is nature to your cat or dog. If someone crosses the line and invades our land, we will tell him so. Maybe that is why we divided our work in different jobs or functions. It is just a way of dividing the land. We are afraid of someone else doing our job. Even if it is to help us. What if he does better? What if he has some other ideas that may affect the way I do my job? You should not be afraid. If they take your job, their job is free :).

The same thing happens when you put people together who have a strong and different opinion. They all want to explain their own idea without listening to the other person. Again, marking their territory. I hate it. I don’t say I don’t do it, but I try to minimize it. I’d rather put my energy in good collaboration to keep our lands together. In every warmovie I’ve seen, the ones that join forces and unite have won.

What to do about it?

  • Do not join the game of someone who is marking his territory.
  • Work together. Express your opinion and listen to other people.