Podcasts all over the place.

I think it must be one year ago I discovered podcasts. I read something about it on Lifehacker and wanted to try some out. Now I’m subscribed to almost sixty podcasts and it’s my main source of knowledge.

What makes podcasts so attractive?

Well, they are mostly free, easy to follow and exist in all sort of topics. The main reason for me to like podcasts is that I can listen to them while driving to my work or when I bring my birds to the various tournaments in Belgium. They’re also handy while I’m feeding my birds. I can’t read a book or watch television when I’m busy, but my ears are always free. When I take everything into account, I listen at least 15 hours of podcasts every week. That is 15 hours of valuable information to gather while traveling or doing something else. There are worser things in life ;).

How did I found so many podcasts?

It’s like reading blogs. You read a post that links to a related post and the train has left the station. Before you know, you can’t keep up anymore. Every day, new podcast episodes are waiting for me to be listened.

How to keep track of all those episodes?

Most of the time, I listen to a podcast episode via my iPhone which I always have with me. I started with the Podcasts app from Apple itself. This app was another trigger for me to start listening podcasts. Early on, I discovered that the Podcasts app from Apple could not fullfill all my wishes when I started subscribing more podcasts. I wanted an app that could download new episodes automatically, create playlists and rank them by priority. Based on reviews and recomendations in the podcasts, I chose Downcast which I shortly discussed in a previous blogpost. Up until now, I’m really pleased with my choice. I use the app on my iPhone, iPad and now a couple of weeks on my MacBook Air. It costs some money, but you get bang for the buck. Everything is synced on all my devices via iCloud. Allthough I sometimes have a problem an my iPad or MacBook Air since I don’t open the app that much on those devices.

Which podcast do I listen to?

My alltime favorite is Mac Power Users, hosted by Katie Floyd and David Sparks. As the title says, it’s all about Mac and iOS and they has cost me quite some money ;). I love the tips and tricks they share and I’m pretty sure they’ve saved me a lot of hours by automating as much as possible.

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt is the podcast that inspires me the most. It is great to learn from someone with his experience. I’m able to lift both my personal as my work life to a higher level by applying his lessons.

The iMore show is my way to keep track of all new things in techworld. They cover mostly Apple devices but always with a blink to the other players in this market. Quite often, they’ve also lead me to a solution for something that went wrong with my Apple device. Thanks for that!

There are a lot more podcasts but there is one I want to mention as an extra: Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas. I don’t listen to every episode but his enthusiasm is inspiring. It’s a daily podcast where John interviews an entrepreneur everyday. A great quote or a good book is always nearby.

That’s it, time to listen some podcasts!

You should build your own platform.

Are you a blogger, writer or something else? In fact it doesn’t matter what you are. The only thing that counts is WHO you are.

I’ve listened to every episode of Michael Hyatt’s podcast about Intentional Leadership. In his podcast he tells about his experience being a leader and how you can live with passion. His podcast is filled with examples and questions from people around the world. According to me, it is more than a podcast. It is his way to help people to learn from his experiences and leverage them in their reality.
I think he’s a great example of someone who builded his own platform just by being himself and creating content from the things he loves. He created ’Platform University’, a way to help his audience to get noticed in this busy world. He mentions this Platform from time to time in his podcast ’This is your life’. But it was the invitation to watch three short videos about building your own platform that convinced me to take a closer look at what he’s offering. I have to say that it looks really promising but I’m doubting whether I should enter the program or not. If I pay for it, I want to fully engage with it. At the moment I’m struggling with questions like: ”Will I have the time for it?”, ”Is it something for me?”, ”Do I want to build my own platform?”.
So if someone can help me solve those questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Platform University

Here is the book: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

”Each month, we will explore the concepts outlined in my best-selling book Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World at a much deeper level through specialized classes, tutorials, and actionable lessons. Our goal is to help you get your message heard and have greater impact.”
– Platform University

Only do what only you can do.

Last week, someone was telling that he did a lot of work in his house by himself. Painting, installing electrics, breaking walls… You can save a lot of money by doing so. That is true, at least for some of us.

Not everyone is as handy as he would like, but still a lot of people are renovating their houses themselves. Why? To save money? That might be a valid reason but did you ever made your own bill? You still need the materials and you have to spend your own time painting or whatever else. Time is money you know. But I agree, if you can do it yourself it will be cheaper. But I don’t like to paint. So why should I be forced to do this? There are plenty of people that make their living from it. If you choose to hire someone to paint your house while you are sleeping, you could better try painting yourself. But what if you could do something else? Something you like and you can get paid for? Maybe you are good in webdesign or translations.

A couple of years ago, someone told me that you should only do what only you can do. I think that is a great thing to strive for. It is not an easy thing since you will always be tempted to do things you should not do. The same thing counts at work. Everyone has his own strenghts and you should focus on those.

So my advice is to do what you love to do and delegate what you don’t like.

Some reading tips about this topic:
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