People are like angry wolves.

People are like angry wolves

When was the last time you helped someone? When was the last time you helped someone without fearing he would return the next day with the same question?

People always want more and they want it quicker. When someone asks me to help him, I always intend to do so. Just because it is in my nature, as is with many people.
That is a good thing, I think. They thank me for helping them out and it only took me 15 minutes to make him happy. Yes, I did it. Back to my own work.
The next day is passing by and there he is: ”You did a great job yesterday, can you help me out with something else?” What do you answer? Happy to be appreciated you accept to help so: ”What can I do for you?”
What do you think the guy will ask next? Well it’s simple, he will ask the same as before but two times as difficult and of course in the same timespan. That is not what I wanted. Can I still get out, or should I just make the best of it and be smarter next time? Most of us will take the second choice and go for it. But they will keep in mind this lesson. Next time someone asks to help, they will ask something in return. They will ask for something to make up for the time they lost.
Time lost for helping someone else? Yes, indeed. People will feel it that way. It is a human reaction. Some of us will resist and continue to help people without return. Is it wrong to ask something in return? No! Is it wrong to ask someone for help? No! What to do then? When I ask something I try to help the other person as much as possible with my own question. I’ll try to provide them something in return. I will ask if he can show me how I can do it myself. So people are like angry wolves. They will distrust someone who asks for help, they will always ask for more but eventually they will live together and sort it out.
I will continue to help other people. Do you?


What can you do about it?

  • Be respectful when you reach out for help by engaging yourself. You ask for help, you are not delegating tasks.
  • Continue to help people by explaining how they can do it themselves.