LOOTB Learns in Leuven, Belgium

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LOOTB learns in leuven, belgium

England was a trip full of learning. We had been living with friends and family for weeks in England learning the local way of life, getting inspired by the wonderful art culture, connecting with the small towns and through all of this seeing how LOOTB could be received there.

LOOTB budget travels in england

While we were across the pond we wanted to check out a few other countries in Europe where our customers are from. Belgium was a country where some of our biggest supporters are from and Quinn’s younger sister Kaylee was living Belgium as a Rotary Club exchange student for the year. She invited us to come visit her there and learn all about her new life–the life of a local in Leuven, Belgium.

LOOTB learns in Leuven, Belgium

LOOTB learns in Leuven, Belgium

LOOTB learns in Leuven, Belgium

We are familiar with the awesome work that Rotary Clubs do in developing countries as we worked with some in Central America. There was, however…

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