Do you order online?

Internet is the future and so is ordering your stuff online. It’s easy, fast and there is plenty of choice.

I started ordering online about two years ago. In the beginning I did not trust it at all. I wasn’t used to pay for something before I got it. But after your first online order, this fear will soon make place for a sort of addiction. Ordering online is so easy that people tend to buy more on impulses. If you read about something in a blogpost, it is just a few clicks away from your doorstep.

I don’t remember with whom I ordered online for the first time. I assume it was in the Apple Store for an iPhone or maybe Coolblue. If you add HomeWizard, and Conrad I think you have the main places for me to order online. I chose those five beacause they are wellknown and that gives me a secure feeling that I will get my stuff :).

There is one service that really pleases me and that is Coolblue. They offer a large range of products at a good price. Not a special price, just the normal price. offers a larger range of products, but the thing that matters the most to me is the service. Coolblue has the best service. They deliver the next day, even on saturdays. Their customer support is very good. I had to call them once and they really connected with me. Not the classic support where you are a number. When I’m looking for something online I want to be able to check some reviews and compare alternatives. All of this is available on their website. The design of their website is really good so that you can find your way immediately. Sometimes, you can find the same product cheaper in another store but that’s mostly because the other company seems to go below the ’normal’ price. Ofcourse, that is my impression. I haven’t done any research on that part.

Ordering online? Take a look at Coolblue, you won’t regret!


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