The Engine of Innovation Mindset.

The world is small and even a blogpost can make a difference. Two weeks ago I was in Ronse to listen to a keynote about sheep and last week I had the chance to spend two days with Jef Staes and a lot of other interesting people.

It can go fast in this world where everyone has access to the internet. Social media, Google, blogs… Jef would call it information flows. And if you remember from my previous blogpost, information is very important in the mindset Jef explains. If there would be one thing I believe from his speech, it is the importance of the internet. IMG_4875I’m the living proof of it. Without my blog and Twitter I would never have discovered the story Jef is telling and I would never had the chance to go the workshop at his homebase in TongerloIMG_4870


”Every organization has an engine of innovation.
Today it has to be tuned to become very powerful”

That is why Jef has drawn the EOI Mindset map, a powerful tool for companies to become innovative. He calls it a language, as a programming language you can build great things with it. The easiest way for me to describe his story is the difference between 2D- and 3D-smart. A 2D-smart is someone who does a good job for his manager and asks for money when he needs it. A 3D-smart will not ask for the money. He will spend the money when it’s needed. That is true. I think we are all afraid of spending the money we need. Most of us will indeed go ask for the money. But why? If we think we need the money to get more value for the team. Why wouldn’t you spend it?

Have you ever seen a Red Monkey? I guess you haven’t. I’ve seen one, last week in Tongerlo. Jef created a story, a story that can change the way our Educational System evolves. A story that can change how companies think about innovation and how they can create a learning environment where everyone can explore his passion. It’s even a story where we can learn from. It can make you think whether you are working with passion. But as always when you create something, you need pioneers. People who can imagine why you want to do this. People who want to go for it without seeing the result. They believe in your story and help you to realize your vision. Like in all stories, there are people who don’t want to follow you. They don’t believe in it or they are afraid of the consequences. So Jef asks us to help him tell his story to convince those that are in between, in doubt to jump and waiting until they see a result. I see some of you wondering what a Red Monkey is. A Red Monkey is an idea, an innovation from someone who dares to think outside the box.


It’s impossible to tell you everything, but there is no need to. If you have passion, you will find the information ;). Those two days were not only about this story for me. I’ve met some amazing people and discovered stuff I didn’t know it existed. Seats2Meet is one of those things, a great way to share knowledge and meet people. I regret we don’t have such locations in Belgium. Our Dutch neighbours are more open to these kind of things I suppose. Even within companies this concept can work I think.

I’ll keep an eye on Jef’s story and when I meet a sheep I will try to set it free. I’ve added his books to my reading list. I’ll start with ’My Organisation is a Jungle’ as soon as I finish ’Start with Why’ from Simon Sinek.

”Conflict will be the new consensus” - Jef Staes

”If a Tulip had feet, she would go to the place where she could grow the best.” – Jef Staes




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