Little creatures of nature.

This weekend, the weather was nice so I was walking in the garden to get some sunlight. Suddenly I heard some tsilping coming out of the nestboxes I hung up a couple of months ago. Apparently, we’ve got visitors!

I always hang up some nestboxes in january because I like birds. I keep birds myself, Zebrafinches. It’s always wonderfull to watch little Zebrafinches getting out of the egg and grow up. But seeing wild birds breeding their eggs, feeding their little ones and learning them to fly… That’s just amazing. It makes you realize what a beatiful world we live in.

To go further with my story…

As soon as I heard those little birds and saw their parents with spiders in their mouth to feed them, I went inside and grabbed my camera. I went back and hided under a low tree. After a couple of minutes, the parent couple returned. It appeared to be a couple of Great Tit (Parus major) that was living in this nestbox. They were very active and busy feeding their youngsters. Although a bit shy when they saw me, they continued feeding. I was able to watch them for a long time but taking a picture was something else. I decided to make a video. What do you think of them?

Great Tit (Parus major) from Bart Vermeiren on Vimeo.

While observing this couple, I saw another couple in the next tree. My nestboxes are popular this year :). The other couple was a pair of Eurasian Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus or Parus caeruleus). They were really curious and came sitting closer to me. When I was inspecting their nestbox, it seemed they were testing me. Flying around my head and teasing me to take a picture but fly away as soon as I positioned my camera to shoot a picture. But I managed to take some pictures and you can see them beneath in the gallery.

Eurasian Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus or Parus caeruleus) from Bart Vermeiren on Vimeo.

I really enjoyed my saturday observing those birds and I look forward to next weekend. I suppose some of them will have left their nest by then…

Some of the pictures I took:

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