What I think of my Elephant wallet.

I bought myself an Elephant wallet. In fact, I bought two of them. The second one I ordered because I was curious and wanted to avoid higher transport costs than the price of the wallet itself.

I read about this slim wallet in an article on Lifehacker. The simple design and low price immediately convinced me to try this wallet that fits in every pocket. I was looking for a wallet like this for quite some time. Most stores only sell big leather wallets that need a bag to put them in. I needed something a little more convenient.

When I first unpacked my wallets, I was not very impressed. You have to get used to them and the fact that they are so little and can only carry the necessary stuff. I only keep two cards, my id, some money and two coins in it. That’s all I need.

I’ve bought two different versions: E8 wallet and LR wallet 1.0. The E8 model is the model I currently use and I’m really satisfied with it. It’s really easy to use and the cards slide out when I want them to. The wallet slides into my front pockets so I don’t have to sit on it.

Are you still looking for a practical wallet to put in only the necessary stuff? Don’t hesitate anymore and order an Elephant wallet. Still doubting? The price is worth the try.


3 thoughts on “What I think of my Elephant wallet.

  1. Could you tell me about your experience with them? What are pros and cons of both? A small comparison would be really appreciated. Thank you very much.

    • I like the E8 wallet the most since it’s the most compact one with two compartments for cards and your money in between. The other one feels bigger and the place for your money is a bit more difficult to use.

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