A run for fun.

Thursday, I was able to attend a presentation from Paul Van Den Bosch. I think most of you will know him as the coach of cyclocrosser Sven Nys. He shared his vision about moving and sport.

Unizo Limburg organised this session with Paul so that he could explain the importance of moving for entrepreneurs. Fortunately, non-entrepreneurs like me could subscribe too. So thursday 5:45 pm, I stepped into the car to drive from Brussels to Hasselt. Plenty of time to get there. At least, I thought so. Leaving Brussels went slow but the worst was yet to come… Getting past Leuven was like hell. I think I stood there for one hour and moving 1 km. But since I left on time, I arrived at 20:10 pm. Five minutes before the start of the presentation, lucky me. Or was it the margin I took that saved me?

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the number of people that were present. I expected a big room with hundred people, eager to learn how to become as good as Sven Nys ;). Instead, there were 20 people present. All from Limburg, but that was not a problem friendly as they are.

We started immediately and Paul told us that he would not explain how to create a training schedule and what to eat. He would bring us a story about how to make sure you move with the correct motivation. Ofcourse everyone was surprised, no schedules? But this surprise quickly dissapeared.

I’m not going to tell you everything Paul has told us. It’s up to you to go listen yourself, it’s really worth the time!

A run for fun. That is my sentence to summarize his story. You should enjoy moving. Moving should be fun, it should give you energy. Energy you need to live your life and fight the stress of your work. I think there is a difference between why you run and specific goals. I run because I like to run. It’s a way to build up energy and to get rid of stress. Starting in june I will add a specific goal to this. I want to be ready for the start of soccer season end of july. I think it’s ok to set a goal. As long as you keep the fun. If you have to force yourself to go running or cycling, you do not have fun anymore.

Paul told us that the reason why we want to move is the most important. If you don’t have a why, you will give up sooner or later.

After reading this post, have you thought about your why? Please let me know in the comments.



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