Stop calling in your car.

Have you seen them last week? Those driving their car without their hands? You see them everywhere and they do not seem to realize it’s dangerous.


It’s unbelievable people still do not call handsfree in their car. Carkits, bluetooth, headphones and all the technology that is available and we still risk the lives of the people around us. You’ve got a simple choice: call handsfree in the car or do not call in your car. Simple, isn’t it? I know that carkits and bluetooth are not standard options in a lot of cars and that they cost money. But I am convinced that the life of other people is more valuable. Yes, it’s not only your own life that is in danger. You are not alone on the road and one simple phonecall can ruin someone else his life.

What will it be? Want to keep making phonecalls in the car? Drive to your garage and ask for a carkit or use a Parrot. At least, use you headphones with build in micro. It’s better than nothing. This does not mean that you are safe all the way. The road is still the most important thing in your car along with the people around you.


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