You should build your own platform.

Are you a blogger, writer or something else? In fact it doesn’t matter what you are. The only thing that counts is WHO you are.

I’ve listened to every episode of Michael Hyatt’s podcast about Intentional Leadership. In his podcast he tells about his experience being a leader and how you can live with passion. His podcast is filled with examples and questions from people around the world. According to me, it is more than a podcast. It is his way to help people to learn from his experiences and leverage them in their reality.
I think he’s a great example of someone who builded his own platform just by being himself and creating content from the things he loves. He created ’Platform University’, a way to help his audience to get noticed in this busy world. He mentions this Platform from time to time in his podcast ’This is your life’. But it was the invitation to watch three short videos about building your own platform that convinced me to take a closer look at what he’s offering. I have to say that it looks really promising but I’m doubting whether I should enter the program or not. If I pay for it, I want to fully engage with it. At the moment I’m struggling with questions like: ”Will I have the time for it?”, ”Is it something for me?”, ”Do I want to build my own platform?”.
So if someone can help me solve those questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Platform University

Here is the book: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

”Each month, we will explore the concepts outlined in my best-selling book Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World at a much deeper level through specialized classes, tutorials, and actionable lessons. Our goal is to help you get your message heard and have greater impact.”
– Platform University


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